Ultimate Guide to the Wheat Recommended List – Yellow rust

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This is a recording of a webinar which formed part of the AHDB’s Arable Connections 2020. It discusses the impacts of the challenging year 2020 has been for for growing and drilling wheat and features the AHDB’s Paul Gosling, Mark Bollebakker, Ellie Marshall, and Catherine Harries. They share how the trial validation process works and observations from the growing season, including new and interesting varieties and results. They also explain how to access and use the harvest results service and the new Recommended Lists (RL) app. The webinar includes particularly useful information on the varieties of wheat that have been found to perform well in trials against yellow rust.


Findings & recommendations

  • Fungicide to one side, as is stated on the Croprotect site, diversification of varieties is advised so that not all varieties grown on a farm will be susceptible to the same races of yellow rust. There are currently several varieties that are resistant to yellow rust and it is still advised to grow a range of different varieties. The AHDB Recommended List provides information on the resistance of adult plants, as this is the most important stage for growers.
  • For specific information on wheat varieties that have been found to perform well in relation to yellow rust watch particularly from 18:00 (‘Observations from trial inspections’) and from about 34:00 onwards (‘Yellow and brown rust ratings’)




Header image shows yellow rust symptoms in an AHDB plot at Cereals 2012. © AHDB

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Janie Caldbeck

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