Virtual Field Day: Cover crops, living mulch and leys @ Cereals LIVE 2020

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This is a recording of an event held as part of Cereals LIVE 2020 (held as a virtual event). It was a collaboration between Agricology, CFE and the NIAB team that came in part live from the NIAB Innovation Farm – digging mini soil pits to look at the impact of different leys and covers. It explored what has been learnt about integrating cover crops and next steps to integrating a longer term cover using living mulches and integrating leys. It explored the benefits of more diverse herbal leys in arable rotations and opportunities for both integrating livestock / collaborating with livestock farmers as well as the potential in stockless systems, sharing some of the insights from the SARIC project. It features Nathan Morris (NIAB) –  Cover crops and living mulches; George Crane (NIAB) – Mycorhizzal associations; Dr Lydia Smith and Patrick McKenna (NIAB) – Herbal leys; and Emily Cooledge (Bangor University) – Benefits of livestock integration / collaboration. It also featured James Alexander of Litchfield Farm, who shared his experiences in both organic and conventional systems.

Findings & recommendations

  • Find out more about the SARIC DiverseForages project here.
  • View the slides that accompanied the webinar here.

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Janie Caldbeck

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