Friesians, sainfoin & sharing knowledge

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  • In our first Agricology video blog Richard Smith, the Steering Group Chairman, introduces us to the dairy herd he manages at Daylesford Organic Farm.
  • The 120 pedigree Friesians are the result of a 10 year breeding programme moving away from the original herd of Holsteins.
  • The objective was to achieve a more sustainable, low input, stress free herd fed on minimal bought-in protein with the majority of feed coming from home-grown forage.
  • Richard’s favourite forage crop for the organic system he farms is sainfoin.  It is high yielding, producing 22% protein and ME of 13.5% which compares well with rye grass.
  • Future blogs will explore the establishment and cropping of sainfoin.
  • Last month Richard spoke at the SOLID conference, where ideas were shared on low input dairy systems.
  • Later this month we will be posting a blog from Alastair Leake of the Allerton Project, who looks at the management of rainwater runoff in farming practices to alleviate risks of flooding.
  • There is also a blog from Beth Cullen, who explains how to navigate Agricology.

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