Sainfoin establishment at Daylesford farm

  • Following our April video blog Richard talks us through the establishment of his sainfoin crop in the same 80 acre field at Daylesford organic farm, Gloucestershire.
  • Richard’s previous blog ‘Sainfoin preparations‘ discussed ploughing and cultivation of the field in preparation for drilling. 
  • The sainfoin was drilled 1-1.5 inches deep using a combi drill (32 rows over 4 metres).
  • This vlog shows the rolling of the sainfoin one day after drilling using 12 metre Cambridge rolls. 
  • Richard explains that rolling is a crucial step to compacting the ground, which helps to retain moisture and increases the chances of germination. 
  • After rolling, the ground will be over-sown with native grasses which suppresses weeds and helps the establishment of the crop.
  • Once over-sowing is completed the field will be rolled again to further compact the soil. 
  • Another vlog will follow so stay tuned for more on sainfoin with Richard Smith. 

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