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Agricology is about restoring soils, using fewer chemicals, tackling climate change and replenishing wildlife and natural habitats. Our focus is on building a more diverse, more resilient system that restores the land, from the ground up, and ensures a secure supply of food. We want to create a better, fairer food and farming system that works with nature to produce healthier crops, higher welfare animals and nutritious food for all.

What is Agricology?

Agricology is network whose purpose is to share practical information on sustainable approaches with farmers and growers. It is a free platform, open to everyone. The project was set up in 2015  and is run in partnership with the The Daylesford Foundation, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Allerton Project, and the Organic Research Centre. Our founding three organisations have now  grown to more than forty on the steering group, with contributions to the project from over 120 institutions, a digital audience of 150,000 and a quarter of a million views on our YouTube videos.  

Agricology was set up in response to increasing challenges of declining soil fertility, climate change, declining biodiversity and the need to rethink the way we tend the land. Agricology supports farmers and growers to transition to more resilient, diverse sustainable farming systems. We bring together research from the field and farmer experiences on using practices that restore the farm ecosystem. These include reducing tillage to improve soil quality, planting 'cover crops', adding pollinator strips or using 'trap crops' which divert pests from crops instead of using chemicals, using agroforestry systems.

Practical, sustainable farming, regardless of labels: 

Agricology is a collaboration steered by a group of individuals representing over 40 research and farming organisations. We recognise a need to promote sustainable farming by offering the latest practical ideas from farmers and researchers. Our vision is to inspire farmers to adopt a whole system approach, using a set of practices that improves resilience and diversity. Agricology provides access to the latest farmer led innovations and ideas alongside research-based evidence into farming methods that have a positive environmental impact: regenerating ecosystems, enhancing biodiversity and mitigating against climate change. The process of changing farming practices is knowledge intensive and Agricology aims to be a knowledge sharing hub for farmers by showcasing best practice for sustainable methods on farms; this is led by farmers, science-based innovators and researchers’ field trials.

Sharing knowledge online:

Knowledge is shared online through technical articles (Resources), the latest thinking on a specific topics (Blogs), through interviews with farmers (Farmer Profiles) demonstrating innovative practices and through reporting the outcomes of Research Projects and Field Trials which are all uploaded on the Agricology knowledge hub. We also share online content in multi-media formats via Videos from the field and through Podcasts from across the farming and research networks.

Sharing knowledge in the field:

Knowledge is also shared in the field - in discussion sessions at agricultural events such as the Oxford Real Farming Conference, Groundswell and Cereals and through Field Days which take place on farm. All knowledge exchanged in the field focuses on a specific agroecological practice and brings together insights from farmers, researchers and farming organisations - offering the opportunity to share ideas.

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